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Hemp Code is an innovative project born from the rediscovery of a valuable ingredient, Organic Hemp Oil, the starting point and main theme of an entire "Made in Italy" line that embraces high performance products for skin care, hair care and other products specific for well-being.


The magic of this Oil is its ability to gradually increase the benefits it gives you, as its composition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is similar to that of natural cutaneous lipids. Its emollient and elasticising properties, for example, increase with use, season after season, giving the skin an extraordinarily bright and velvety lustre. It effectively prevents skin dehydration, as well as all kinds of extreme sensitivity and skin fragility, promoting a healthy balance and helping the skin’s natural barrier to function normally. This precious Oil also has significant benefits for your hair, combating dryness and dehydration and leaving it luscious and healthy thanks to the Oil’s vitaminising properties. It acts on the skin, redressing the scalp’s natural balance and giving it extreme shine and vitality. Hemp Code bottles up only the finest organic Oil for our products. Pure and simple.